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You can join International Pen Friends (IPF) individually or with a friend. Details of membership services are listed below. If you would like to join with a friend, please complete two application forms. Upon joining IPF you will be provided with a list of names and addresses of pen friends who have been individually matched according to your age group, hobbies and interests. Your name and address will also be passed on to 14 other club members in your age group during your 12 month membership period.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks for your pen friend list. The pen friend list and any other services you order will be sent to you by email.

IPF does not offer a pen friend service to prisoners. No prisoner should join IPF and no person should join a prisoner into IPF.

Please complete all details on the online application form below, check that they are correct and then click the Submit Application box towards the end of the page. If that isn't done, the online application form will not reach us.

IMPORTANT: To pay online, please complete the Online Application Form below and pay using PayPal to IPF's PayPal account: penpals@ozemail.com.au (click here to pay with PayPal). Payment can also be sent separately to the address shown below.

Your Details:
First Name:
Street Address (or Post Office Box)
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Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)
Age This Year
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Marital Status
If you are joing our C2, C4, C6 or C8 service, please write the name of the person you are joining with:
Do you require male or female correspondents or both (please select)
Male Female Both (We currently can't provide a pen friend list that only contains males to people aged 18 years and above due to the high demand for adult males exceeding our supply.)
In what languages do you wish to Correspond (please select)
English French German Greek Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish
What is your main interest or hobby?
Have you been a member of our club?
  Yes No
How or where did you learn about our club?
Select whichever items are of general interest to you:
Animals Antiques Art Astrology Camping
Cars Chess Computer Cooking Crafts
Dancing Environment Exchange Holidays Farming Fashion
Fishing Gardening Genealogy Health & Fitness History
Internet Languages Literature Movies Music
Philately Philosophy Photography Reading Religion
Science Social Work Sport Theatre Travel
Select any items you would be interested in exchanging
Cards Stamps Souvenirs Books
Please select AT LEAST 8 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES in which you would like to have pen friends.
We always try to match country requests, but if there are requests we cannot meet, we will provide you with pen friends from other countries.
Algeria Angola Kenya Uganda
South Africa Africa General Egypt  
Indian Ocean Islands General
The Americas
Argentina Brazil Canada Caribbean
Colombia Mexico Peru USA
South/Central America General
Australia Indonesia Korea New Zealand
China Taiwan Asia-General India
Japan Malaysia Philippines Singapore
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Western Europe
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Iceland Italy Norway Spain
Switzerland Scotland Belgium France
Germany Holland Ireland Malta
Portugal Sweden England Wales
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Czech Republic Hungary Lithuania Romania
Russia Ukraine Eastern Europe General
Middle East
Israel Saudi Arabia Iran Turkey
Middle East General
Please click the box to confirm that the information you have provided is correct.
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Yes, the information I have provided on this application form is correct.

Please pay using the currency rate shown below for the region you live in. We can also accept Canadian currency converted against the USA rate, New Zealand currency converted against the Australian rate and Scandinavian and Swiss currencies converted against the Euro rate.

If you don't live in one of the regions shown below, please pay using the Euro rate. If you want to pay using PayPal and your local currency isn't shown below, you can convert it against the Euro rate and pay the fee in your local currency according to that conversion (subject to PayPal allowing your local currency to be used).

If you live in Eastern Europe, South America, Caribbean, Pacific Islands, Africa, Asia (excluding Japan) or Middle East, you can send an email to admin@ipf.net.au to obtain the rates for your country.

If you Google 'currency conversion' you will be able to find sites that calculate currency conversion rates.

Payment in Australian Dollars includes GST for residents of Australia (ABN 80 070 592 343).











Euro €

Sterling £


 C1 Service - For one person aged 8-14
 (One list of 10 names and addresses will be provided)






 C2 Service - For two people aged 8-14
 (Two lists of 6 names and addresses will be provided)



€ 26



 C3 Service - For one person aged 15-20
 (One list of 12 names and addresses will be provided)



€ 24



 C4 Service - For two people aged 15-20
 (Two lists of 7 names and addresses will be provided)



€ 30



 C5 Service - For one person aged 21-60
 (One list of 14 names and addresses will be provided)



€ 28



 C6 Service - For two people aged 21-60
 (Two lists of 8 names and addresses will be provided)



€ 36



 C7 Service - For one person over 60
 (One list of 10 names and addresses will be provided)



€ 20



 C8 Service - For two people aged over 60
 (Two lists of 6 names and addresses will be provided)



€ 26




People & Places Magazine – Highly Recommended for All Members
People & Places is in addition to our pen friend service and can only be purchased by people who are joining IPF, exisiting IPF members or teachers who are joining a class into IPF.
Everyone who subscribes has free entry into the Letters from Holly and Ted Competition and could win AUD$50!
IPF's magazine 'People & Places' is a fun and informative way to stay in touch with the pen friend world. The full-colour magazine includes the latest IPF news and items submitted by members including member profiles, pen friend stories, letter writing adventures and advice, travel articles, photos, poems etc.
There are also competitions, give-aways and a
prize of AUD$200 for the best article published in each edition.


 DM Service - One issue of IPF's Digital Magazine People & Places



€ 7

£ 6


 No Magazine






Booklet on Letter Writing and Pen Friend Hints
Designed to enhance the pen friend experience for people of all ages.

 B1 Service – Booklet on Letter Writing and Pen Friend Hints (pdf file)

AUD$ 8


€ 6

£ 5

US$ 7

 No Booklet







Select Method of Payment as Detailed Below (applications without payment cannot be processed)
PayPal to IPF's PayPal account: penpals@ozemail.com.au (click here to pay with PayPal)

Direct Deposit into IPF’s bank account: Bank: Westpac, Branch: 73 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, NSW 2481, Australia, IBA Number: WPAC AU2S, BSB Number: 032 573, Account Number: 159 103, Account Name: International Pen Friends.  Please email or mail deposit receipt details to IPF.

Payment is being sent by mail to: International Pen Friends, PO Box 430, Paynesville, VIC 3880, Australia.  IPF can accept: Australian personal cheques or Australian bank cheques or Australian Money Orders, made payable to:  International Pen Friends. One payment for the total amount. We cannot accept coins.

As the bank fee for depositing foreign cheques, foreign bank drafts and foreign money orders is now extremely high, it is no longer feasible for IPF to absorb the bank fee or to charge members extra for the cost of the bank fee. We can only accept cheque, bank cheque and money order payments in Australian dollars. Other payment methods can be made using any of the above currencies.
If you Google 'currency conversion' you will be able to find sites that calculate currency conversion rates.

Western Union. Payment to: Julie Delbridge, address: 20 View Street, Paynesville VIC 3880, Australia. (Western Union require payments to be made to an individual's name, not an organisation's name). If making a payment using Western Union, please send an email to: admin@ipf.net.au, advising of the date payment was made, the amount and the Money Control Number.

Please Note: Applications cannot be processed until payment is received in full. If paying by cheque, please send one cheque for the total amount.
Comments (Optional)
Please send us a note if you have any additional comments

Important: please check all of the above details carefully.
When you are confident that the details are correct,
Click the Submit Application box shown below:




Thank you for joining IPF.
Best wishes and happy letter writing!

Please regularly check your spam and junk mail folders if you are waiting for your pen friend list or a reply from us as our emails may end up there and be automatically deleted by your email program after a few days. We do not send spam emails.
Please also ensure that your email account has enough storage space available to accept attachments and your email filters allow you to receive attachments.

Head Office Postal Address:

Julie Delbridge
International Pen Friends (IPF)
PO Box 430
Paynesville VIC 3880

Email: admin@ipf.net.au
ABN 80 070 592 343
20 View Street, Paynesville VIC 3880 Australia
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